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Dua husband and wife problems

Do you feel that your relation of husband and wife face a lot of problems? And even you are unable to get them to resolve so that the love which is lacking in your relationship can regenerate again in your love life. You have tried a lot of ways and even also take the help […]

Vashikaran to control wife

Do you feel that your relationship is suffering a lot of problems and you are not able to get rid of all such issues? These issues can arise in your relationship because of a wife. Either she is no longer in control your control. And because of this, the love which is in between your […]

Dua to get husband back

Do you feel that you have to face a lot of problems because of your husband in your relationship? He is the person who can make or break your relationship. And sometimes it might be happening that he no longer wishes to continue in the relationship with you. But you can’t live without him. And […]

Islamic dua for spouse

Well everyone wants that they can get the spouse that loves them most in their life. And in order to find that soul mate that can fill their life with full of love and happiness. They tried many of the methods and the ways. But all these it might happen that all these attempts can […]

Islamic dua for wife

do you sometimes feel that your wife is no longer in love with you and she always fight with you? And you always get de4pressed because of this. Along with this you always find some beautiful ways so that you can control your wife and her love back in your life and also in your […]

Islamic dua for husband

Do you feel that your husband is no longer in your control or because of your husband, you will feel a lot of problems in your life and also in your relationship? Then you don’t in need to worry at all about this. Because we all know that what sort of problem you are going […]

How to make your husband come back after an affair

Do you feel that your marriage life is not going well? And you wish that all the problems that you are facing in your marriage are because of your husband affair after your marriage. Then in such case, you really feel that all the things in your relationship are going only in a problematic way. […]

Mantra to convince parents for intercaste marriage

Mantra to convince parents for intercaste marriage: Mantra to convince parents for intercaste marriage: Well, it is a very common problem that most of the couples who are going to plan for the love marriage. Will face difficulties in that. Most probably is because of their parents. It becomes a very difficult thing to convince […]

Mantra for love marriage

Mantra for love marriage: Love marriage is very essential in an individual life. With the help of effective love marriage can turn any kind of obstacles down in their life. To keep this love marriage active and healthy. There is a good connection between all the houses or grahas of the individual horoscope. Along with […]

Dua for love marriage

Are you belong to the Muslim community. Do you face a lot of problems in your love marriage? We can definitely know that if you will take the help of the dua which is the most effective kind of spell of words. Then you will be able to make your love marriage possible. Our Molvi […]

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